Friday, February 24, 2012

MY story

Highest weight, Summer 2005------>  Summer 2011
I have battled with my weight for years, it seriously has been a roller coaster. In 10 yrs I went from 135lbs to 170 lbs. size 16 or 18 pants (I don't quite remember) to my current size 6/7 130 lbs. ♥ I don't think I realized to what degree I had gained weight until I had seen a photo. In 2005 (above) I started working out, watching what I was eating and that really seemed to help get the weight loss ball rolling. 2006~ I was roughly a size 11 Jeans, 147lbs. I continued to lose weight and feel great! I had my son summer of 2007. I jumped on this PALEO wave in April 2011, Since then I went from a size (loose) 11 to my size 6/7 and have dropped 5-10lbs of fat. Dropped my regular workout routine and started interval training, modified CrossFit (no lifting but the basic idea). I have never felt better and my moods have improved! I am the healthiest and in the best shape I have ever been in. I am still learning but loving this lifestyle. I would say I am about 90% Paleo (occasional dairy, dark chocolate, and rice in sushi)

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